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Coin counter - theory

What is a coin counter?

A bill counter accurately counts coins, reducing labor time. A coin counter prevents mistakes which can by made during counting coin by coin by a person. Coins are put in the hopper. Coin counters can sort, count, divide to batch and add. Some machines have a separate container for each denomination and another have a dial to adjust diameter for each denomination.

Choosing of Coin Counter

  • Amount of coins which must be counted at a given period of time?

Every coin counter is characterized by a parameter called counting speed. It describes the quantity of coins which can by counted in one minute. Slowest coin counters have counting speed 220 coins/minute and the fastest can count 2300 coins/minute.

  • Coins of what currency do you want to count?

Many of our coin counters have an adjustable diameter of coins to be counted. Thanks to this we can count coins which come from different countries (they usually have a different diameter).

  • Security requirements?

Many coin counters and coin sorters have the ability to reject suspicious coin from the rest of coins. This feature effectively protects from counting counterfeit coins and coins of different currency.

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