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Counterfeit Detection - theory

UV Detection

For each currency produced a corresponding paper is manufactured. Banknote paper is made from cotton pulp which gives it better durability than commercial papers and a very distinctive feel. Much of the time, it is the initial feel of a counterfeit that urges someone to have a closer look at what they are holding. If banknote paper is held under ultra violet light it is dull compared to commercial papers.

Fluorescent Inks - materials which fluoresce under ultra violet light can be added to most inks. They can be incorporated into a visible design element or an invisible design element (i.e. printed as a transparent feature). When viewed under ultra violet light all is revealed.

Money counters scan banknote to find these elements. The whole process takes place inside the machine. The machine stops counting if counterfeit banknote passes trough the money counter. The suspected banknote is the last banknote in the stocker. Depending on the model of money counter, the machine will additionally generate sound alarm or message on display.

A Size Detection Function

The DD function will detect the passing banknote in the High or/and Width size direction. When a smaller banknote is detected, the machine will stop and display error message.

Choosing of Money Counter

To make the choosing of money counter easier, we have created a site describing basic parameters of our money counters:

- Bill Counter

- Coin Counter

In order to achieve maximum safety of your transaction, we invite you to visit our site counterfeit detection.

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