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Bill Counter - theory

What is a money counter ?

A bill counter accurately counts currency, reducing labor time and losses due to human errors. A money counter prevents mistakes which can by made during counting money by a person. Banknotes are put in the hopper, then the money counter starts counting manually or automatically. Bill counters can count and add or batch currency. Depending on the model of money counter, they can detect counterfeit money by use of UV light, IR wave or magnetic header.

Choosing of Bill Counter

  • What kind of thing will be counting?

Some of our money counters can count not only banknotes but also checks coupons, leaflets and all kind of documents which meet requirements with regard to their size.

  • Amount of banknotes which must be counted at a given period of time?

> Every money counter is characterized by the quantity of bills which can by counted in one minute. This parameter of currency counter is called counting speed, and can range from 600 notes/min to 1400 notes/min. Also important is the capacity of the hopper, this parameter determines how many banknotes can be counted at a time.

  • Security requirements?

Counterfeiting is a serious crime with potentially severe penalties. All banknotes are produced in a similar way and result in a similar set of characteristics. They also have security measures built into them which make them difficult to reproduce. However it is not possible to produce a completely counterfeit proof money and there will always be individuals producing fakes. Every money counter has a specific security level which helps to detect counterfeits. For more detail go to the site about protection

  • Do you want the bill counter to sort?

Some bill counters can sort banknotes according to their denomination.

  • Durability of the money counter?

Depending of the model and price, money counters differ from each other in construction and durability. So you must consider how much work a money counter will have to do and match the model of the money counter to your need.

Learn more about the types of protection which are checked by our bill counters: Banknote Protection - Theory

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